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20 BBL Fermenter Conical Beer Fermenting Vessel Jacketed Fermentation Tank for Brewery

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  • At the beginning of any brewery setup, the brewmaster or operations manager must focus on buying the best and most reliable cellar tanks.
    The fermentation tank size can make according to clients needs. The cooling jacket usually have two ways, channel jacket or dimple jacket, the better way is use dimple jacket, our tanks use dimple jacket for better cooling effect. The manhole location can be put in the top or near bottom, consider the cooling effect, the top manhole is the best way. If use side manhole, our manhole is shadow less manhole, better for clean, have no dead cone.

Custom Beer Fermentation Tank


Choose the volume of the fermenter for beer according to the output of the Brewhouse. You can choose a fermenter based on single, double, or even multiple times the volume of the Brewhouse output. Of course, this depends on the total output efficiency  of the brewhouse. Conical fermentation is one of the most requested brewery equipment orders we are asked to custom produce for our valued clientele. 


Arranging each fermentation period according to the output plan. The work schedule of the tank, the cleaning cycle, if they work efficiently, etc. Operating efficiency is directly related to your profit turnover.


As your brewery business expands, you may find that the current number of existing fermentation tanks is not enough. If the space is already fully utilized, your best bet might be to build an additional cellar room. Each GENERAL fermenter is manufactured to work on its own or with many other fermenters, according to the volume output you require.

GENERAL fermenters can be bought with a few to future expansion; if more volume output is needed, we can help you plan how to make space for subsequent expansions of production capacity. 

Before your fermentation tank is delivered, a drainage ditch must be designed.

For countries located in earthquake zones, New Zealand, Japan, etc. Every fermenter is shipped with bolt holes on the fermentation tank legs which can then be fixed in place. This must be requested in advance so that the bolt holes can be included in the design.



Product advantages 

▪  304 stainless steel plate as a whole, and our stainless steel plate manufacturer is the best in China

▪  The cooling efficiency of Maitreya plate jacket is greatly improved.

▪  Two stage cooling mode.

▪  The insulation layer material is high-grade polyurethane with a thickness of 80mm.

▪  Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m.

▪  Strict tank pressure test.

▪  Energy conservation and pollution emissions.



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