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The company always adheres to the business rule of "service is also a product", provides customers with pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and other system services, and regards customers as partners and friends of the company. We adhere to the win-win business principle, and always focus on customers during the operation of the enterprise. The company has a dedicated after-sales service department and sufficient after-sales service personnel, which can fully meet your needs; the main services are as follows:

1. Implement "turnkey project" (one-stop free service for equipment design, installation guidance, commissioning, and training);

2. Strictly implement the national "Three Guarantees" service requirements, all equipment is guaranteed for one year free of charge except for human factors;

3. Technical training: GENERAL can provide you with a complete set of systematic theoretical knowledge training for free; training content: "equipment operation and maintenance", "production accident and elimination", "production raw material knowledge", "small and medium-sized equipment brewing process principle", " The Style of beer”; training methods: instructional videos and file sharing.

4. On-site guidance: 1-2 technical management personnel are required for the brewing equipment production line, and the on-site practical operation and technical training shall be undertaken by our after-sales service personnel;

5. Provide common spare parts, spare parts and spare parts for a long time;

6. Equipment lifetime technical tracking, service guidance; provide users with lifetime maintenance services.


For customers purchasing our beer equipment, we will provide:

1: Carry out reasonable planning before the project is delivered, including equipment model, user demand, investment return ratio analysis and provide the best transportation method and hoisting method.

2: A complete list of equipment required for brewing and use will be sent to the user upon delivery, and the list will be counted.

3: There is a special person responsible for guiding the positioning of all brewing equipment and auxiliary equipment, and users do not need to worry about it.

4: The whole set of equipment installation process and the test machine debugging before leaving our factory to ensure the stable use of users and rapid business operation

5: Train technicians who meet the equipment operation standards for customers, and provide new samples for customers to try and provide training services from time to time.

In addition, we also give: a complete set of training and theoretical courses on the craft beer production process that are not available on the market, including but not limited to:

1: Training on common brewhouse process for craft beer

2: Fermentation process and management training.

3: Provide a variety of basic craft beer recipes including lager/ale/IPA (recipes are updated from time to time, you can communicate with our after-sales service department at any time to obtain)

4: Hygienic operation training and cleaning precautions for craft brewing equipment

5: Provide beer brewing file templates (brewing records, fermentation records, brewing precautions, etc.) to facilitate users' daily inspection and use.


If you have any questions about our products, you can ask in the following 2 ways, we will answer your questions as soon as possible

1. Whatsapp Live Chat Support

You can consult through the Whatsapp instant chat tool, and we will provide one-to-one technical support, from site planning, equipment design, investment and income comparison, local market consumption and successful case sharing. Our one-stop service allows you to understand beer equipment in a faster time.

2. Online feedback form support

You can fill in your questions in the feedback form below and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. You can fill in the form through "Contact Us - Online Message".


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